Alumni Success: Mark Antonio; Hairstyling

Name: Mark Antonio

Grad Year: 2015
Program: Hairstyling

Current Workplace & Title or Position: Saint Wpg Barbershop. Red Seal Hairstylist

Any Achievements during school or post- grad:

I finished my apprenticeship program and now I am a Red Seal Hairstylist. I’m currently working at the best barbershop in the city: Saint Wpg Barbershop. Alongside one of the best barbers in the game right now, Scott Ramos aka Famos. I have competed in the Great British Barber Bash in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Won 2nd Place in Winnipeg’s first Barber Battle in the design category. I attended Toronto’s Groomology Barber Battle and Bash and competed in the first Triple Threat category which took 3 barbers doing a design on the same person at the same time. And last but not least, I was hired on as a private barber on a Netflix Original movie called How It Ends for the Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.

Advice to current ATC students:

Love what you do and you never have to work a single day. Dream big and DO NOT let fear stop you from where you want to go. Be patient and take multiple steps towards your goals.

What ATC did for you? Or Why choose ATC?

ATC gave me a place where the instructors were very present in my classes. The instructors were very approachable and understanding. I chose ATC because one of my clients told me he was in hair school and inspired me to apply.